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Day One

  Washington D.C. Monday July 23, 2018. Today I am feeling thankful and blessed that my website is almost finished. I thank God and thank you for your patience and for your continued moral support.  I could not do it without you! The support from all of you is paramount and essential in my life. […]

Reflexion Post

Finding myself by walking As I walk daily to take the bus and the metro train, I am finding myself.  I walk everywhere.  I walk to the Safeway, the Coffee Shop, Tryst Cafe and Tynan Coffee and Tea. As I walk, I can think better.  Walking is an integral part of my life and a […]

Take One Day At The Time

Washington DC, Monday July 23, 2018. Dear friend, Querida amiga, querido amigo,      Hola! Hello! Today, my mantra number one is “Take one day at the time” and mantra number two is “take one step at the time…”      Wherever you may be,  or whatever you may do in life, just take one […]

What is new

       “I am beginning a new life. I am concentrating on the good and the positive things in my life.   I have decided to leave the past behind and write a new page in my book.  Come with me and accompany me in these new adventures,  painting, drawing and developing my skills […]


      A new day has begun. To me, each day is a new life, because I like to think that each day is a new opportunity to start afresh, and forgive the mistakes of the past..  I like to say to myself:  “It is okay to make mistakes while learning.”   I like […]