Meditation Post

  “We work so hard and forget to take time to meditate and be still and quiet.  As I slow down and take time to meditate, I learn to breathe better and to contemplate the beauty all around me, the little things in life that I used to take for granted.” “I as learn to pause and think things through, I learn to see the value in the small things and the value of silence and stillness.  Wisdom comes to those who listen and observe the daily miracles of life.  The flight of a bird, the sunrise and sunset and the intense beauty of the sky are just some examples of the grandiose and intrinsic beauty of life.  We can just walk outside and see the blue sky and will feel a sense of awe and reverence.  Even if we cannot see with the physical eyes, we can see Beauty with the inner eyes.  Even if we are not able to walk outside or be outside, we can still close our eyes and see the Beauty within our spirit.  A blade of grass,  a wild flower, a butterfly, a humming bird or simply our own breath will show us the immense love that Life has for us.” Peace, Paz,             -Karlisima