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Day One


Washington D.C. Monday July 23, 2018.

Today I am feeling thankful and blessed that my website is almost finished. I thank God and thank you for your patience and for your continued moral support.  I could not do it without you! The support from all of you is paramount and essential in my life.  I dedicate this website to my mom and dad, my family,  my husband and to all of you, my audience, followers and supporters! 🙂 

Each day is a blessing and each day I learn something new.  We must never give up, no matter how difficult the situation may be. Keep driving on!

Have a blessed and wonderful day and a great week!

Oceans of blessings!


Exhibit at the New Community Church in Washington D.C.


Reflexion Post

Finding myself by walking

As I walk daily to take the bus and the metro train, I am finding myself.  I walk everywhere.  I walk to the Safeway, the Coffee Shop, Tryst Cafe and Tynan Coffee and Tea. As I walk, I can think better.  Walking is an integral part of my life and a form of meditation.  I like to watch the many people walking on the sidewalk, coming back from work at 5:30 pm, crossing the street on 16th Street and Irving Street NW.  Walking is a way for me to stay healthy and grounded. I am learning who I really am and what I really want out of life.  When I walk, I think better and I can process the many things happening in my life.  Life is a school and we are always learning.  I realize the importance of exercising, especially when I have a lot of stress from the pressures of life in general,  from living in a Cosmopolitan city or when I paint for many hours.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of computer work in order to finish this website, so I have to be mindful of walking  and exercising, doing Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong or Yoga, and of sitting upright with my back straight, with a good posture.  Life is beautiful. No matter what happens, always be at peace. 

This Is A New Life

Life is full of surprises. Being quiet and calm is helping me to see the good in all things and in all people.  The surprises are becoming happy and beautiful as I learn to sit still and wait for the inspiration to come, and have the expectancy of good and good things, instead of rushing things.  Rushing is not the way.  Patience is the way.

I am learning to be patient and TRUST THE PROCESS.   I AM LEANING TO RELAX AND TO ALLOW …Allowing Life to happen, instead of forcing or pushing.

Taking time to relax and find balance and harmony.

Little by little, one step a the time. “Poco a poco.”

Being relaxed, serene and at peace is my greatest goal, and my greatest joy, and little by little I am achieving it.  🙂  PEACE, BE STILL.  The way of Peace is The Way.  




This is the Year of Fulfillment 

The efforts and the endeavors of many years are coming into fruition now.  I am excited to see this website finally up and running.  I thank God, the Creative Spirit for giving me the strength to do the work that I must do, and to do it joyfully, with a thankful heart and with the enthusiasm of a little child.  Never lose your child-like and childish enthusiasm.

May you see the fruits of your endeavors also and the fruits of your hard work and labor.  May you fulfill your dreams and accomplish all your goals.  May you see the realization of the most precious desires of your heart.  Keep your eyes focused on your goal and your dream.  Don’t give up. Keep Driving On!

Life is a School

Life is  the school in which we learn a little each day.  Take it easy and breathe.  Absorb the lessons and practice everyday. Practice makes perfect.  Remember that everything in this world is temporary. Change is the way of this world.  Embrace change and be flexible, like the bamboo tree. Find joy in the little things.  Each day is a miracle. 

This is a Wonderful Journey. Enjoy every minute of it!


Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey and have fun!   Now is all you have.  Now is the appointed time. Now is all there is.  Now is the time for you and me to accomplish our dreams.  Why wait?

Do it now!

Be present here NOW.

Peace, Paz,


The Cornfields are important to me because corn is the main staple of the Mayans and since I have Mayan Heritage, corn is our main food

Take One Day At The Time

Washington DC, Monday July 23, 2018.

Dear friend, Querida amiga, querido amigo,

     Hola! Hello! Today, my mantra number one is “Take one day at the time” and mantra number two is “take one step at the time…”

     Wherever you may be,  or whatever you may do in life, just take one step at the time, and, life will be much easier.  I am learning to slow down and “smell the roses, ” smell the coffee,”  the aromas and fragances around me.   All my life I was rushing, hustling and bustling.   Now I have come to a point of stopping and pausing, taking time to reflect, observe and listen.

What is new


This woman represents the power and the strength of all women

     “I am beginning a new life. I am concentrating on the good and the positive things in my life.   I have decided to leave the past behind and write a new page in my book.  Come with me and accompany me in these new adventures,  painting, drawing and developing my skills and your skills.  I wish to share my skills with all of you and show you the development of my drawings, which will later be part of my book.”       

     Thank you for coming to visit my new Blog.  I am very excited that I can share my thoughts with you!   I know that we are all connected, and now even more, thanks to the BIG WEB,, the INTERNET,  YOUTUBE and all the social media platforms.  We are living in a very exciting new age now, the digital age.   May you be happy and joyful today and embrace the day with joy and enthusiasm, knowing that only good can come to you!

Until soon,

Hasta pronto,



      A new day has begun. To me, each day is a new life, because I like to think that each day is a new opportunity to start afresh, and forgive the mistakes of the past..  I like to say to myself:  “It is okay to make mistakes while learning.”   I like to begin each day by giving  thanks for my life, for all my blessings and opportunities.  I give thanks for my family, friends,  associates and all of you, my  supporters and followers.

    This feeling of gratitude helps me to stay inspired and motivated for the day ahead.   Now that my website is almost completely finished, I will be making new paintings, making new videos and I will be working on a series of paintings called “TREES, ROOTS AND FLOWERS.”  These paintings will be semi-abstract,  pointillistic and impressionistic.  Trees fascinate me… and I am so thankful to live in a neighborhood full of beautiful trees, particularly oak trees.  The flower are in bloom right now, and the colors of the flowers and the leaves are fantastic.   It is a pure joy to look at Nature!

     I welcome you to explore the beauty of nature all around you and to also explore doing some painting yourself.  I encourage you to paint and to explore your creative side..  You can also do photography of the things around you with your camera or with your smart phone…

     Soon, I will be making videos on YouTube, in which I will post painting tutorials for beginners. YES!  I will teach what I have learned in oil painting.  My favorite medium is oil paint and I am willing to share with you my painting techniques.

     It is my intention to share these paintings to bless, inspire, elevate, heal and dignify the minds and hearts of men and women in this universe.  I hope to bring a message of hope, peace, love, joy and optimism to the world.

     Please enjoy the content of my website and my blog, and enjoy your painting and  your life, whatever you may do in this life,  enjoy every moment of it.  Each moment is precious!  Be present in the Present Moment.  NOW is all we have.


The Light of the World.
The Mural was painted over in 2014.


      And don’t forget to BREATHE!   …Take a deep breath and enjoy the JOURNEY OF LIFE!  It is a wonderful life and a wonderful journey, indeed, and we are so blessed to be alive!

Until next time!  Hasta pronto! Hasta luego!

    – Karlisima