Reflexion Post

Finding myself by walking

As I walk daily to take the bus and the metro train, I am finding myself.  I walk everywhere.  I walk to the Safeway, the Coffee Shop, Tryst Cafe and Tynan Coffee and Tea. As I walk, I can think better.  Walking is an integral part of my life and a form of meditation.  I like to watch the many people walking on the sidewalk, coming back from work at 5:30 pm, crossing the street on 16th Street and Irving Street NW.  Walking is a way for me to stay healthy and grounded. I am learning who I really am and what I really want out of life.  When I walk, I think better and I can process the many things happening in my life.  Life is a school and we are always learning.  I realize the importance of exercising, especially when I have a lot of stress from the pressures of life in general,  from living in a Cosmopolitan city or when I paint for many hours.  Lately, I have been doing a lot of computer work in order to finish this website, so I have to be mindful of walking  and exercising, doing Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong or Yoga, and of sitting upright with my back straight, with a good posture.  Life is beautiful. No matter what happens, always be at peace. 

This Is A New Life

Life is full of surprises. Being quiet and calm is helping me to see the good in all things and in all people.  The surprises are becoming happy and beautiful as I learn to sit still and wait for the inspiration to come, and have the expectancy of good and good things, instead of rushing things.  Rushing is not the way.  Patience is the way.

I am learning to be patient and TRUST THE PROCESS.   I AM LEANING TO RELAX AND TO ALLOW …Allowing Life to happen, instead of forcing or pushing.

Taking time to relax and find balance and harmony.

Little by little, one step a the time. “Poco a poco.”

Being relaxed, serene and at peace is my greatest goal, and my greatest joy, and little by little I am achieving it.  🙂  PEACE, BE STILL.  The way of Peace is The Way.  




This is the Year of Fulfillment 

The efforts and the endeavors of many years are coming into fruition now.  I am excited to see this website finally up and running.  I thank God, the Creative Spirit for giving me the strength to do the work that I must do, and to do it joyfully, with a thankful heart and with the enthusiasm of a little child.  Never lose your child-like and childish enthusiasm.

May you see the fruits of your endeavors also and the fruits of your hard work and labor.  May you fulfill your dreams and accomplish all your goals.  May you see the realization of the most precious desires of your heart.  Keep your eyes focused on your goal and your dream.  Don’t give up. Keep Driving On!

Life is a School

Life is  the school in which we learn a little each day.  Take it easy and breathe.  Absorb the lessons and practice everyday. Practice makes perfect.  Remember that everything in this world is temporary. Change is the way of this world.  Embrace change and be flexible, like the bamboo tree. Find joy in the little things.  Each day is a miracle. 

This is a Wonderful Journey. Enjoy every minute of it!


Life is a journey. Enjoy the journey and have fun!   Now is all you have.  Now is the appointed time. Now is all there is.  Now is the time for you and me to accomplish our dreams.  Why wait?

Do it now!

Be present here NOW.

Peace, Paz,


The Cornfields are important to me because corn is the main staple of the Mayans and since I have Mayan Heritage, corn is our main food