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This woman represents the power and the strength of all women

     “I am beginning a new life. I am concentrating on the good and the positive things in my life.   I have decided to leave the past behind and write a new page in my book.  Come with me and accompany me in these new adventures,  painting, drawing and developing my skills and your skills.  I wish to share my skills with all of you and show you the development of my drawings, which will later be part of my book.”       

     Thank you for coming to visit my new Blog.  I am very excited that I can share my thoughts with you!   I know that we are all connected, and now even more, thanks to the BIG WEB,, the INTERNET,  YOUTUBE and all the social media platforms.  We are living in a very exciting new age now, the digital age.   May you be happy and joyful today and embrace the day with joy and enthusiasm, knowing that only good can come to you!

Until soon,

Hasta pronto,