Take One Day At The Time

Washington DC, Monday July 23, 2018.

Dear friend, Querida amiga, querido amigo,

     Hola! Hello! Today, my mantra number one is “Take one day at the time” and mantra number two is “take one step at the time…”

     Wherever you may be,  or whatever you may do in life, just take one step at the time, and, life will be much easier.  I am learning to slow down and “smell the roses, ” smell the coffee,”  the aromas and fragances around me.   All my life I was rushing, hustling and bustling.   Now I have come to a point of stopping and pausing, taking time to reflect, observe and listen.

     Whatever you do,  take time to dream, imagine a beautiful life for you and set goals for yourself. Ask yourself what you really want out of life and write it down, write on a journal or a “BLOG.”  Take time to greet your neighbor, and say hello to the cashier in your grocery store, or the person working in the produce section.   Take time to smile more often, and even smile to a stranger.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself, and don’t be afraid to say hello or good morning to the people walking down the street, at the store, on the bus, or at the bank.  Kindness goes a long way.  We have forgotten to have good manners.   Take the initiative and say good afternoon to someone, you may brighten someone’s day!   I learned to smile a lot when I was in college.  Now that I live in a big and hectic city, I still smile to strangers, although not all the time, of course, because sometimes they look at me as if  I am crazy, but in spite of that I try to stay friendly and keep smiling in the midst of it all…  🙂

     I feel that smiling often makes me release the tension and stress, and also laughing does a great deal of healing in our body.  So please, laugh often, laugh at anything you may think funny or silly, and by all means, laugh at yourself, especially when your are getting uptight.   We are so silly most of the time, and it is important to lighten up and to be silly just “because” and to laugh for no reason at all.  When you smile and when you laugh, your body releases some chemicals called “endorphins” which are the substances that go to your brain to give the joyful and happy response and make you happy and joyful and make you feel good.   Laughter can heal the cells, the bones, the muscles and the body as well as the mind, heart and soul.

      Think how silly this world really is, and how we worry for no particular reason.  Developing  a good sense of humor is the best thing that I am doing at this time in my life.  It is never too late!  I am now watching comedies  more often just to laugh out loud and I also laugh at myself when I am being too serious and uptight.  The doctor says that laughing uses the muscles in our abdominals, which equals to doing sit-ups, and which will give you the benefits of sit- ups and even more…  So laugh outloud and don’t be shy!

     Look at how children laugh so easily for they have no worries, because they live in the now, in the present moment, with no worries of tomorrow,  no worries of the past.  For children there is no past or future, there is only NOW.

The way of life, like the Chinese Tao says,  is like a river flowing and flowing, and we, too are supposed to flow and let go like the water in the river…  No more swimming against the current!

So,  Let go and RELAX.

     This is my new take in life.  Let life flow like the river and let yourself be carried by the river of life, allowing and accepting whatever comes your way with acceptance and and an attitude of gratitude.  There is something good for your in every experience.  Life works in your favor. The Universe works on your behalf.

Peace. Paz.

Until next time,  Hasta luego,


This Painting represents the place of Peace, it is a metaphor for the place of peace within each of us.