The Colors and the things hat Inspire me

     There are many things that inspire me.  For example, I get inspired by the trees and their branches and leaves, and by the colors of the flowers and the light reflected on the side walks and the streets and the shadows created by that light. 
My mother always told me to observe nature and to pay attention to its murmurs and whisperings.
My father told me to go slowly and to be cautious.  Both of my parents have given me so much and their wisdom has shown me that we can all learn something each day if we open our hearts and mind and become receptive to the whisperings of the wisdom, which is innate within us. Thank you mom and dad! I love you both! I thank you for all you have given me since I was born! May both of you be blessed infinitely with a long and happy life! And to all the parents in this life, I wish you all a long and a joyful life as well! -Karlisima