A new day has begun. To me, each day is a new life, because I like to think that each day is a new opportunity to start afresh, and forgive the mistakes of the past..  I like to say to myself:  “It is okay to make mistakes while learning.”   I like to begin each day by giving  thanks for my life, for all my blessings and opportunities.  I give thanks for my family, friends,  associates and all of you, my  supporters and followers.

    This feeling of gratitude helps me to stay inspired and motivated for the day ahead.   Now that my website is almost completely finished, I will be making new paintings, making new videos and I will be working on a series of paintings called “TREES, ROOTS AND FLOWERS.”  These paintings will be semi-abstract,  pointillistic and impressionistic.  Trees fascinate me… and I am so thankful to live in a neighborhood full of beautiful trees, particularly oak trees.  The flower are in bloom right now, and the colors of the flowers and the leaves are fantastic.   It is a pure joy to look at Nature!

     I welcome you to explore the beauty of nature all around you and to also explore doing some painting yourself.  I encourage you to paint and to explore your creative side..  You can also do photography of the things around you with your camera or with your smart phone…

     Soon, I will be making videos on YouTube, in which I will post painting tutorials for beginners. YES!  I will teach what I have learned in oil painting.  My favorite medium is oil paint and I am willing to share with you my painting techniques.

     It is my intention to share these paintings to bless, inspire, elevate, heal and dignify the minds and hearts of men and women in this universe.  I hope to bring a message of hope, peace, love, joy and optimism to the world.

     Please enjoy the content of my website and my blog, and enjoy your painting and  your life, whatever you may do in this life,  enjoy every moment of it.  Each moment is precious!  Be present in the Present Moment.  NOW is all we have.


The Light of the World.
The Mural was painted over in 2014.


      And don’t forget to BREATHE!   …Take a deep breath and enjoy the JOURNEY OF LIFE!  It is a wonderful life and a wonderful journey, indeed, and we are so blessed to be alive!

Until next time!  Hasta pronto! Hasta luego!

    – Karlisima