Daily Practice

I am keeping a daily practice of Tai Chi/ Qi Gong/ yoga/ and meditation.   I am making a commitment to do these exercises in the morning, for at least five minutes per day. I am doing the Tai Chi with a video from :YouTube called “Tai Chi 5 minutes a day” from the website “Taiflow.com.”  The benefits of Tai Chi, Yoga and Qi-Gong and meditation are the following:

  • Better mood
  • Better sleep
  • More balance and equilibrium
  • Feeling more energized, more relaxed
  • Feeling good about yourself
  • Feeling happy, joyful and enthusiastic
  • Being more healthy and more alive

My Goals are:

  1. Stay motivated and focused
  2. Take walks daily
  3. Listen to classical music while painting
  4. Draw and sketch daily
  5. Paint for at least one hour each day
  6. Clean my painting palette each day
  7. Take time to take deep breaths and relax throughout the day
  8. Learn to say no to distractions
  9. Stay focused on the NOW and practice mindfulness
  10. Stay thankful with an attitude of gratitude 
  11. Continue the process of de-clutter
  12. Continue the process of organizing and decluttering my studio

These are the goals of this month of July and August 2018.   I will add more goals as I go along.   

Thank you for coming to read my Blog.   I really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day!

Until the next time,

Hasta luego,


The search for Enlightenment is represented by the face looking upward- or in “upward glancing”