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Mama Ayesha’s Restaurant Presidential Mural

The Mama Ayesha’s Restaurant Presidential Mural is one of my biggest accomplishments.  I would like to share it with you and with humanity. The address is 1967 Calvert Street NW, Washington DC 20009 at Mama Ayesha’s Restaurant,  Middle Eastern Cuisine.  I thank God it is finished!  Until soon,  Hasta luego! Karlisima  

Daily Practice

I am keeping a daily practice of Tai Chi/ Qi Gong/ yoga/ and meditation.   I am making a commitment to do these exercises in the morning, for at least five minutes per day. I am doing the Tai Chi with a video from :YouTube called “Tai Chi 5 minutes a day” from the website […]

The Colors and the things hat Inspire me

     There are many things that inspire me.  For example, I get inspired by the trees and their branches and leaves, and by the colors of the flowers and the light reflected on the side walks and the streets and the shadows created by that light.  My mother always told me to observe nature […]


      A new day has begun. To me, each day is a new life, because I like to think that each day is a new opportunity to start afresh, and forgive the mistakes of the past..  I like to say to myself:  “It is okay to make mistakes while learning.”   I like […]

Meditation Post

  “We work so hard and forget to take time to meditate and be still and quiet.  As I slow down and take time to meditate, I learn to breathe better and to contemplate the beauty all around me, the little things in life that I used to take for granted.”